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Our Standard Panel is one of the most diverse panel options we have available. It can be used to create buttons or links, upload PDF’s and supporting documents or any other information you’d like to place here.

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The formatting options available here are also complex. We will upload all of the options so that it’s easy for you to use when you’re updating all of your own content. 

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Panel 2: Parallax Panel

This panel type should be reserved for a short eye catching blurb of information. As you can see, the words stay in place while the image scrolls behind it. We recommend around 85 - 100 characters in this section if possible. If you need assistance with a background image feel free to reach out to your account manager and they can help you choose one.

Another great addition is that the parallax panel allows for a button which can be a URL link, a phone number or email. Keep this in mind as it’s great for helping with lead generation! 

Panel 3: Standard Panel with Tabs

The standard panel tab concept was created to help our users split up content while keeping the page visually enjoyable for visitors. 

  • You can place in bullet points
  • Attach photos and videos 
  • Create a table for information

The button tab names can be adjusted, so if you have a wide variety of services your company offers you can place it all on one page and users can easily browse through that information. 

They can be utilized in a multitude of ways and can also be customized to fit your brand! 

As displayed below, embedding a picture or video is no problem at all and can be a powerful tool to help compliment your content. As with a standard panel adding in links, buttons or directing the user to find out more information is all possible in this panel. 

Panel 4: Side by Side (Image)

Panel 4: Side by Side (Image)

A Short Subtitle Goes Here!

Here is an example of a Side by Side panel with an image on the right!

They are a great tool that can be used to guide the users attention.

You can place information here and also pair it with a relevant picture to display your information.

Panel 5: Side by Side (Video)

A Short Subtitle Goes Here!

Here is another example of a Side by Side but this time with a video on the left hand side! 

You can envision a similar concept as above, but this time you can place a relevant YouTube or Vimeo video here to help users understand the point you are making. 

Panel 6: Promo Boxes

About Us

About Us

A team of Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Aesthetic Nurses, and skin care specialists.
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The Clinics

The Clinics

We are located in Edmonton and Grande Prairie. Book your appointment now in one of our clinics!
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Effective treatments and world class techniques that create impactful results. Choose from our extensive list of treatments!
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Panel 9: Reviews Panel

The staff is outstanding especially with booking appointments. I get lazer hair removal done and it’s been months since my less session. I get great results every time and less hair. Go see them for any treatments.
I go and see Amber for tattoo removal and she is always fantastic!
The front staff are always courteous and discreet.
I never have to wait because they have over booked and they always accommodate, which is a nice change from the ordinary.
I highly recommend this business!
First Class Operation! Staff are friendly and provide exceptional customer service. Defiantly recommend Rejuvaderm !
I had lazer work done by Dr. Wong, assisted by his nurse Jennifer.
I have to say I was very pleased.
My first consultation was with
Dr. Malcom, she was pleasant and
professional. I have seen Jennifer
For Touch ups on my lines, have to say
she’s great . I recommend to any one
this clinic. I was treated well on all
visits. It’s a five star clinic.
I thank Dr. Melcom and Dr. Wong
also Jennifer you are great.
I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Wong. He is an exceptional doctor that asked multiple times throughout my appointment if I had any questions or needed clarification on anything he told me. He was very reassuring and was very courteous. Thank you very much Dr. Wong!

Panel 10: Instagram Panel

Panel 11: FAQ Panel

What can I expect during a cosmetic consultation?

Cosmetic consultations are always complimentary at RejuvaDERM. We have a blog titled “What to expect during a consultation” that provides more information on our consultation process.

Do I need to be referred by my doctor?

No, cosmetic consultations are free of charge.

Is there parking near the clinic?

Yes! RejuvaDERM Edmonton has free 2-hour underground and above ground parking on site and unlimited, free neighborhood parking available when you visit us. RejuvaDERM Grande Prairie has unlimited, free surrounding ground level parking.

Do I have to pay for a consultation?

No! Consultations are always complimentary! Let us have a chance to sit down with you one-on-one to discuss your needs and design a treatment plan specific to you.

How do I book an appointment?

There are many ways to book an appointment, from online booking to calling our clinic directly and speaking with one of our knowledgeable staff.

What is RejuvaDERM’s relationship to Alberta Dermatology Consultants?

As a team of Dermatologists, we operate a sister clinic that also addresses medical Dermatology.

Can you tell me the areas of specialization for your Doctors?

Sure! We have comprehensive bios in our ‘About Us’ section of this website.

What is the difference between a Dermatologist and Skin Expert?

Our Dermatologists complete a 5-year clinical residency focusing solely on medical and cosmetic Dermatology. This training is meticulous and concludes with all our Dermatologists obtaining their Board Certification.

Am I too young to start cosmetic procedures?

No - we have a variety of treatments for all age ranges and skin types.

Will my health insurance cover cosmetic procedures?

Your provincial health care does not cover cosmetic treatments. However, some private health insurance or flex spending accounts will reimburse you for cosmetic procedures. Come in for a complimentary consultation.

How can I stay updated on deals and specials RejuvaDERM is offering?

The best way to stay up to date on current deals is by signing up for our newsletter, following us on social media (@rejuvaderm) or visiting us at one of our clinics.

Why should I sign up for the newsletter?

Get exclusive access to deals that are ONLY offered for newsletter subscribers. Stay up to date with blogs, events, promotions, and new treatments.

Panel 12: Staff Panel