• The staff is outstanding especially with booking appointments. I get lazer hair removal done and it’s been months since my less session. I get great results every time and less hair. Go see them for any treatments.
  • Saw the Dr. quickly.
  • Beautiful clinic and staff are great. I come to see Dr. Wong for my Botox and filler from BC. Well worth the drive.
  • 5 out of 5! Came in with a girlfriend for a laser hair removal consult and ended getting the treatment on the same day. The laser didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would but there was some discomfort. I have had 3 treatments so far and love not having to shave my legs. I can’t believe it took me so long to realize laser hair removal was an easier than I thought.
  • Had my lips injected by Jen. I have to admit that I was very concerned because I did not want a result I would not be comfortable with personally. I broke up the injections into 2 sessions and this made me really comfortable.
  • I had horrible acne on my face which was causing some scarring. I was told about different options with one of them was accutane. I was a hesitant to go on this medication however because of all the bad things I have heard about it. My acne was so bad that nothing helped with it so eventually I tried it. I must admit that it was a long 6 months of dryness of my whole body on the accutane but in the end I am so happy I did it. My skin has cleared up and what a difference this has made!!!
  • I go and see Amber for tattoo removal and she is always fantastic!
    The front staff are always courteous and discreet.
    I never have to wait because they have over booked and they always accommodate, which is a nice change from the ordinary.
    I highly recommend this business!
  • I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Wong. He is an exceptional doctor that asked multiple times throughout my appointment if I had any questions or needed clarification on anything he told me. He was very reassuring and was very courteous. Thank you very much Dr. Wong!
  • I had lazer work done by Dr. Wong, assisted by his nurse Jennifer.
    I have to say I was very pleased.
    My first consultation was with
    Dr. Malcom, she was pleasant and
    professional. I have seen Jennifer
    For Touch ups on my lines, have to say
    she’s great . I recommend to any one
    this clinic. I was treated well on all
    visits. It’s a five star clinic.
    I thank Dr. Melcom and Dr. Wong
    also Jennifer you are great.
  • Dr. Chark and his staff here and at QE2 were great. I just got the splints out today, and I’m happy to really breathe out of my nose again. It’s been at least a decade with a deviated septum. This may be life changing, but I’m still a little swollen, and at the end of a cold to know for certain. Took 9 months to wait for the surgery, but so far, he was worth the wait. He is very skilled, and answered all my concerns I learned on Dr. Google.
  • First Class Operation! Staff are friendly and provide exceptional customer service. Defiantly recommend Rejuvaderm !
  • Dr. Wong, Melissa & Jennifer beyond amazing.
    Professional and very friendly.
    Comfortable rooms.
    Very fair pricing.
    The front desk staff are professional and
    always smiling & ready to greet you.