• First Class Operation! Staff are friendly and provide exceptional customer service. Defiantly recommend Rejuvaderm !
  • I had lazer work done by Dr. Wong, assisted by his nurse Jennifer.I have to say I was very pleased.My first consultation was with Dr. Malcom, she was pleasant and professional. I have seen Jennifer For Touch ups on my lines, have to say she’s great . I recommend to any one this clinic. I was treated well on all visits. It’s a five star clinic. I thank Dr. Melcom and Dr. Wong also Jennifer you are great.
  • Dr. Chark and his staff here and at QE2 were great. I just got the splints out today, and I’m happy to really breathe out of my nose again. It’s been at least a decade with a deviated septum. This may be life changing, but I’m still a little swollen, and at the end of a cold to know for certain. Took 9 months to wait for the surgery, but so far, he was worth the wait. He is very skilled, and answered all my concerns I learned on Dr. Google.
  • I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Wong. He is an exceptional doctor that asked multiple times throughout my appointment if I had any questions or needed clarification on anything he told me. He was very reassuring and was very courteous. Thank you very much Dr. Wong!
  • I go and see Amber for tattoo removal and she is always fantastic!The front staff are always courteous and discreet.I never have to wait because they have over booked and they always accommodate, which is a nice change from the ordinary. I highly recommend this business!
  • I had horrible acne on my face which was causing some scarring. I was told about different options with one of them was accutane. I was a hesitant to go on this medication however because of all the bad things I have heard about it. My acne was so bad that nothing helped with it so eventually I tried it. I must admit that it was a long 6 months of dryness of my whole body on the accutane but in the end I am so happy I did it. My skin has cleared up and what a difference this has made!!!
  • Had my lips injected by Jen. I have to admit that I was very concerned because I did not want a result I would not be comfortable with personally. I broke up the injections into 2 sessions and this made me really comfortable.
  • 5 out of 5! Came in with a girlfriend for a laser hair removal consult and ended getting the treatment on the same day. The laser didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would but there was some discomfort. I have had 3 treatments so far and love not having to shave my legs. I can’t believe it took me so long to realize laser hair removal was an easier than I thought.
  • Dr. Wong, Melissa & Jennifer beyond amazing. Professional and very friendly.Comfortable rooms.Very fair pricing.The front desk staff are professional and always smiling & ready to greet you.
  • Beautiful clinic and staff are great. I come to see Dr. Wong for my Botox and filler from BC. Well worth the drive.
  • The staff is outstanding especially with booking appointments. I get lazer hair removal done and it’s been months since my less session. I get great results every time and less hair. Go see them for any treatments.
  • Saw the Dr. quickly.
  • RejuvaDERM staff are all very inviting and make you feel very comfortable. I’ve gotten botox done twice now from here, first time from Nurse Jen and second time from Dr. Wong. Both made me feel welcome and like I’ve been their patient for years lol!! My experiences there have been top notch. Not to mention how much my confidence as gone up with the treatment! 10/10 would recommend for anything!
  • I had the pleasure to go to ReguvaDerm today. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with smiling
    Faces. The staff is so friendly, I felt welcome and safe. Dr. Wong was very knowledgeable and kind.
    I highly recommend anyone thinking of going to visit this clinic to do so! I’m so happy with my results!
    Thank you Dr. Wong and all your staff! I will definitely be back!????
  • I went in as I have rosacea and was not happy with being on antibiotics. Dr Wong talked about new creams that might work. It was expensive so he gave me enough samples to see if it worked. It’s been amazing. I haven’t had such lovely skin in a long time, much better than the previous regimen, and no antibiotics. Priceless!!
  • I have been coming here for many years. Dr Wong & the staff here are amazing! Highly recommended!
  • Had a amazing experience @ Rejuvaderm. I had lip filler done for the first time and got exactly what I was looking for. Not only were the staff friendly and the clinic beautiful but Julie took the time to answer questions I had about becoming a nurse injector! Thanks again. Will be back for sure!
  • The only clinic I will go to. The entire staff is amazing, beautiful clinic and Julie is my go to for any botox and fillers. Highly recommend!
  • The Whole clinic atmosphere is 10/10 would recommend!!! The staff are outstanding, they are always smiling and are super friendly to talk to.

    Treatments I get are laser hair removal, hydra facials, Jessner Peels Botox and Filler.
    I’ve been going to Rejuvaderm since it first opened and I’ve been to other places before and I am reminded each and every time I go back that Rejuvaderm is the place for me.

    Ashley and Jessica do my Laser Hair Removal, Hydra Facials and Jessner peels : The laser hair removal machine is one of the best if not best machines on the market. I use to have ingrown, coarse hair that would often scar. Ashley and Jessica create such an warm inviting atmosphere I couldn’t be more comfortable, as for the "pain" from the machine, I find it to be very minimal ( I also am a wimp when it comes to having a pain tolerance, so that says something)

    Nurse Jen does my botox and filler: Jen is constantly perfecting her craftsmanship in injectables, its be awesome to watch her grow in the industry and Jen’s work shows for itself. Jen takes the time go through a thorough consultation and educates her patients in whichever treatments or concerns you may have. Complacency is something even people like me, who have been going to establishments like this for years, so its important to have the refresh (do’s and don’ts) after specific treatments.

    Dr. Kevin Wong does my botox and filler: Dr. Wong is probably one of the most kind hearted and educated medical professionals out there in his profession. Dr. Wong makes sure his patients (cosmetic or not) feel comfortable. I find many doctors intimidating, however, with Dr. Wong thats not the case what so ever!
    he takes the time to address any of your concerns (big or small.) I can’t speak highly enough of him! When you leave his clinic, your overall experience will surly make you feel like your valued as a person, rather than as a walking cheque book. Also, if you’re worried about being "Overfilled" with filler or botox, that doesn’t happen here!!!

    Prices are more than fair!!! and I adore the continued education/ workshops that goes into this clinic! I just thought I’d mention for the botox or filler part, Nurse Jen and Dr. Kevin Wong, both do equally amazing work! Thus Rejuvaderm, be it at the location in Grande Prairie or Edmonton’s will be the only two places I go to for any treatments/ procedures.
  • Christie was so helpful with all my skincare concerns!! So kind and knowledgeable, I recommend her to family and friends with no hesitation.
  • I have finally found a skincare routine that is absolutely fantastic and actually works for me!! Shelby is very knowledgeable and truly takes pride in what she does. Thank you so much again Shelby!!!
  • I love this place and the people who run it and work there. So professional and kind.They are only interested in helping their clients and not just making a buck ???????? Give them a visit, you won’t be disappointed
  • I went to Rejuvaderm for a consultation with Christie and Dr.Wong.

    Had a great experience, the clinic was also beautiful!
  • Beautiful office with welcoming receptionist. Had a consultation for Botox and treatment on the same day. I was somewhat scared because this was my first time but am very happy with the results!
  • I have gone to Rejuvaderm a few times now and have found the staff friendly and helpful. Wonderful experience. The products are amazing and the staff are knowledgeable. I have also seen one of the specialists, Dr. Eric Wong (dermatologist) who comes down from Edmonton to see patients and was so amazed that he even sees patients on the weekend! My friend who lives in Manning was so thrilled as it’s such a long drive and to be able to do it on the weekend is so handy. I would recommend this place to anyone. I will be going back!
  • Jen is absolutely amazing she knows what shes doing! Her advice on my face and skin always been productive on making me look and feel better!! amazing results- GREAT SERVICE!! reasonably priced!!! amazing product line!!! The staff is knowledgable and friendly! Highly Recommended!!
  • All of the staff at RejuvaDERM are vibrant and kind. Jen was very thorough during my consult and treatment. Her skills and service surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend anyone looking for cosmetic services to go to RejuvaDERM.
  • my experience at Rejuvaderm exceeded my expectations. Carissa was very knowledgeable in helping me build a skincare routine to treat my problem skin! I will definitely be a returning customer! way to go Carissa and team
  • I had a great experience here. Dr. Wong was straight up with me with what was worth my money in terms of filler and botox to achieve the most youthful appearance. He did an amazing job. If you don’t want to get ripped off and get an amazing result I completely recommend going to see him!!
  • Dr. Wong and his staff are true professionals. My experience at RejuvaDERM was truly amazing. Nicole and Melissa explained everything so well to me before I had my treatments and I am already noticing the results!

    Highly recommended. I will definitely be back!
  • To anyone looking for a professional clinic, whether it’s for Injections, Skin care, Inquiring about laser treatments or any other Cosmetic Treatments or maybe you are being referred to a Dermatologist then I highly recommend going to Rejuvaderm.
    Not only do they stay up to date on new techniques and training, they also bring in only the best products and machines that work extremely well where you get results and are not wasting your time or money.
    I can say having a good skin care regime is huge and being educated on how to use it and what actually is going to work for your skin type.

    What really stood out for me was
    from the second you walk into this clinic the space is open and beautiful, the girls at the front reception are welcoming and actually acknowledge you.
    The staff members are all attentive, knowledgeable, communicative and have your best interest without you being pressured into anything or feel as though you were taken advantage of.
    They all take the time to sit with you and do a consult on what brought you into the clinic to hear you out and to come up with a plan to get you natural results whether it’s that same day or at a later date when you are ready.
    I highly recommend everyone that works in this clinic.

    For future reference please make sure you do your research and only trust certified professionals.
  • I am mind blown by this place! I had the russian doll lips done by Julie and they look amazing!!! No one would ever know I had injections, it just looks like I am naturally blessed with perfect full lips. Julie and her assistant Sara were extremely knowledgeable and kind. I’ll be sending all of my friends here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!
  • Julie is fantastic. Highly recommend.
  • State of the art clinic, with such amazing staff! Julie always does such a great job, book a consult to see for yourself!
  • This place is gor-geous! I’ve been getting botox for some time now and this clinic is hands down the most beautiful. The atmosphere is super inviting, and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. I see Erika Torkoly RN and she made my experience lovely from start to finish. I will most definitely be making this my new spot!! Thanks Erika and the Rejuvaderm crew :)
  • Trying hard not to cry as I type this... Julie where do I start? JULIE SAVED MY LIFE!!! I like to think I am a pretty educated woman, I’ve never been a person who sought out "who does what the cheapest." Especially when it comes to botox and/ filler.5 years ago, a bone infection destroyed the right side of my face, I had been sent referral after referral to the best plastic surgeons in both British Columbia and Alberta. Because the risk the reconstructive surgery outweighed the potential benefits I would not be a candidate for surgery. The best that could be done for me was suggested facial filler, but I noticed I never left any clinics where I had gotten filler done, and thought the symmetry to my face was corrected and forget about feeling beautiful ( I haven’t felt beautiful in over 5 years.) I would notice for example, my smile was noticeably crooked -from the side where the infection was ( it drooped ( comparable to someone who had a stroke. )I had pretty much given hope of ever looking, even remotely "normal."I have been following Julie’s work for quite some time and something in me said "Julie’s the one." I booked my appointment, let me tell you besides how beautiful the clinic is. The staff were welcoming, friendly, simply amazing! Dr. Eric Wong even made a point to drop in and say hi to me! ( How many Doctors do you know actually do that? ) My nerves were already at ease before even meeting Julie...When Julie walked into the door, sorry I am still lost for words at this moment * inserts crying emoji, she listened to me pour my heart out... At my most vulnerable state. I could see her getting emotional listening to me. I also didn’t feel rushed as I had at some other clinics in Edmonton. Julie felt my face where I had a lot of scaring ( from the bone infection), asked me questions, and walked me through her step by step plan. This was a very detailed consultation, again something I think (a lot of us are not use too.) Firstly, we ended up dissolving my previous face and lip filler, so that Julie could work with a blanc canvas. BEST DECISION I ever made.July 10th 2020 (appointment date) Julie again went over the "plan" step by step and I couldn’t have felt more assured. We shared some laughs and a couple of tears before I left.Today is Sunday, July 13th 2020. My face is a little swollen - as to be expected, but even with the minor swelling I LOOK AMAZING. I have my followup appointment July 29th which I can’t wait! I can’t emphasis this enough for other people who share a similar story to me, or be it, they have a medical condition holding them back, or have been botched from other clinics. PLEASE go see Julie!!!She’s incredible, talented, kind, funny, I could go on... I call Julie "My Angel" and furthermore, Julie is the only person that I will ever let touch my face. Wherever Julie goes, I am going to follow her. I hope my story helps anyone else out there!
  • Julie and all the staff at RejuvaDerm are absolutely amazing!! Highly recommend for any fillers or Botox. Clean, sanitary, professional environment!
  • I had an appointment with Julie last week- incredibly knowledgeable woman. Each staff member there was lovely to deal with . Would highly recommend.
  • had an absolutely incredible first time experience with medical aesthetics at Rejuvaderm! I was a bit nervous but Julie is beyond amazing and the experience and the results exceeded my expectations in every way. I will be consulting her for all of my future needs and I would recommend her to anyone!!
  • Really fantastic clinic! Gorgeous facility, friendly and professional staff! Special thanks to Registered Nurse Injector, Erika! She delivered exactly what I wanted to achieve and I am so happy with my results. Will be back for sure!
  • I received a skincare consultation from Dr Wong. He was so knowledgeable about what products will work best for my skin. The clinic is clean, modern and beautiful. I love my new products! Can’t wait to return for some treatments.
  • Dr. Wong is extremely knowledgeable and talented. The clinic is BEAUTIFUL and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend visiting Rejuvaderm!
  • Beautiful and clean new office! The staff was very kind and helpful. Julie did my lips for the very first time and they look amazing. She truly listens to you and knows what you want for the end result, she is truly amazing. Highly Recommend!
  • Erika was amazing! Her communication was prompt and answered each and every question I have had. I feel very confident and knowledgeable about the procedures.
  • I am so thankful I have followed Julie to this new clinic! The staff at reception were especially welcoming and helpful as I came in looking for quality skin care products. Beth introduced me to ZO Skin Health which I AM LOVING. And really isn’t any more expensive than department store products. She was patient and responsive to my skin concerns- and completely nonjudgmental (which is so important being as insecure and I am about my skin!). Her knowledge and passion for this particular skin care line was obvious- and it made me extremely excited to try it on my own! I look forward to coming back to RejuvaDERM! It’s a beautiful space with beautiful people (inside and out)!
  • Couldn’t recommend this place more! All the staff were extremely friendly and not to mention the space is gorgeous. I had my lips done for the first time by Erika and I am completely obsessed with my results! She was very knowledgeable throughout the whole processes and made me feel comfortable. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and made my lips look exactly like what I envisioned. I will definitely be back!
  • My experience with Dr Eric Wong in this brand new stunning facility was fantastic! I can’t recommend him enough and I am so glad I made the switch to RejuvaDERM. He listened to my concerns, developed a treatment plan within my comfort zone and I am thrilled with the result he delivered. He is professional, kind and passionate about what he does. Thank you Dr Wong, I look forward to seeing you again!
  • All I can say is wow! This place is amazing! I was very impressed as soon as a walked in the door. The staff were very welcoming and I felt comfortable right away. Erika is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and she made me feel completely at ease during my procedure. I would 100% recommend going to see Erika for all of your Botox or filler needs!
  • Julie and the new location are both 10/10. Julie and her assistant were so professional, kind and reassuring during my appointment today. My results are so beautiful and its great being in the hands of someone who is so passionate about what she does and her clients! You can truly feel that she cares for you. I’ve recommended alot of people to Julie and all of them have had nothing but the results they were looking for if not better! She’s taken care of me since the day I met her. Basically, if you go to anyone BUT Julie, you’ll end up going to Julie anyway :) Congratulations on your new location!
  • Today was my first time coming into the new location and my experience was nothing short of amazing! The office is really beautiful and the staff were all super friendly. I had my lips done by Julie and I honestly cannot say enough positive things about her. She is SO kind and knowledgeable. I am obsessed with my results and I’m already counting the days until my next appointment : )
  • Julie is amazing! Best injection experience I’ve ever had. She explained everything very thoroughly and made me feel so comfortable. I am very happy with the outcome and will definitely be back! Highly recommend!
  • What an amazing experience start to finish. The moment you walk in you are greeted by welcoming smiles at reception and a waiting room with beautiful aesthetics. Dr. Wong was also kind enough to give us a tour of his new state of the art facility with all the latest equipment. It is very apparent that he is very knowledgeable in his field and I will definitely be returning back to this clinic for any dermatological needs I may have.

    Julie is called The Queen of Face for a reason. She was both professional and personable during my appointment. Her consult before she starts was very thorough and you can just tell she has a lot of experience enhancing people’s natural beauty. I have had other experiences with lip injections, but this is the first time that I had little to no pain and limited bruising afterwards. The final result was exactly what I wanted and I will only be going here for now on and recommend others do the same!!
  • The best first experience I could have ever hoped for. From the moment I walked in everyone was very kind. The clinic is absolutely stunning.
    I had a lip augmentation done by Dr. Eric Wong. I was very comfortable during the procedure and he is extremely talented at what he does. I could not be happier with how they look!
  • Clinic & staff were extremely professional & welcoming. Dr Eric Wong was exceptional at educating and putting me at ease for my first treatment. He is very knowledgeable and the facilities are beautiful! The location is also convenient with great parking. Overall a wonderful experience.
  • This was my first experience getting lip filler, Julie was nothing less of amazing. Not a detail was missed the consult & my results are beautiful. Thank you to Julie & your team for making my first visit such a great experience. I look forward to returning to the business in the future.
  • Went in for a consultation today and it was great! The clinic itself is really fancy and clean, it feels very luxurious. And Terese was very thorough and answered all my questions and was just overall really friendly. I’m going in for a chemical peel next week and I’m really excited to get my skin on track!!
  • Just had a Hydra Facial done with Terese. My skin looks and feels fantastic! She took the time to explain the process and made some excellent skin care recommendations for my home routine. It was evident that Terese is extremely knowledgeable and cares about her clients skin. I look forward to future appointments at this beautiful clinic along with their thoughtful and professional staff.
  • Everyone at RejuvaDERM are AMAZING! Everytime I visit the clinic, I get such fantastic customer service. Julie is SO good at what she does!! And Erik is an awesome dermatologist. Definitely highly recommend this beautiful place to everyone!
  • Amazing experience at RejuvaDERM Edmonton. Terese was very friendly, down to earth and extremely knowledgeable. This was my first chemical peel and I felt very informed throughout the entire appointment. My skin looks and feels absolutely incredible!!! It’s definitely GLOWING!! I look forward to my future appointments with Terese!
  • I’m RJ, a hairdresser. I went to the clinic today. I swear to you the clinic is very beautiful. Very clean place and friendly reception. Julie is skilled. She has experience. I had wrinkles on my cheek. They disappeared from the first day. I swear to you. Help Julie, her name is Sarah also very good and friendly. Make sure to book with Julie and Sarah. do you know guys Julie and Sarah are a very beautiful girls????
  • First of all, the place is gorgeous! Classy, clean and welcoming! I had a chemical peel and microdermabraison done by Terese and SHE WAS AMAZING! She was so nice and knowledgeable and took her time answering my questions. She does excellent work and cares about her clients. I would definitely recommend her, she made this experience enjoyable and most importantly, she made my skin looking AMAZING!
  • I absolutely love this place! Usually I go to see Julie (AMAZING AT EVERYTHING SHE DOES!), but on my most recent visit I had a hydrafacial done by Terese and it was outstanding! She is a true professional and has a wealth of knowledge on anything to do with skin, lasers, products and more! If you’re lucky enough to get an appointment with her, you’ll see what I mean! ????
  • I had an amazing experience at RejuvaDERM. I saw Julie for lip filler and she was so knowledgeable and I felt comfortable from the beginning of our appointment. Their clinic is clean and beautiful. I can’t wait to go back and will be visiting them much more in the future.
  • I usually never both doing google review but nurse Julie and Sarah deserve it. Julie was so thorough and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. She immediately knew what was best for my face and discussed everything with me in detail. Sarah was so delightful and friendly and took her time to go over the whole recovery process not leaving out any detail. I would recommend them to anyone :) thank you guys for making me feel so comfortable and welcome.
  • The rejuvaderm team is professional, inviting and highly skilled. Julie is the most knowledgeable and kind injector I have ever been too. She’s helped me to erase the mistakes of 10 years in a tanning bed and thinking that eye creams were unnecessary in my 20s. I love this girl and I love this clinic.
  • Such a welcoming environment and staff. I have been seeing Morgan since I have been coming here and she makes you feel comfortable and confident about talking about your skin insecurities. She takes the time to discuss what is going on with your skin and gives you treatment options that work. I have been through 2 treatments and I can’t already see improvement! I love this place and I would highly recommend if you want to feel heard by skin professionals! Looking forward to my upcoming appointments!
  • Dr. Eric Wong is amazing! I had a lot of questions and he was very patient to answer all of them. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my skin so was interested in a bunch of different treatments and products, but appreciated that Dr. Wong didn’t try to oversell me and recommended only things I really needed. He’s very knowledgeable and professional.
  • I adore this place and everyone there! Especially Terese Waddell, she is an amazing laser technician and skin specialist!!! Terese is very knowledgeable and detail oriented in her approach. Her initial consultation was very thorough and really gave me a sense of peace. I had visited a few technicians in the past a little closer to home as well as Calgary and none of them gave me the confidence and surety that Terese did.
    Terese made me feel very comfortable with my treatment and talked me through the entire process, she was amazing. I am very happy to say that I will be switching all my services to Rejuvaderm Edmonton.
    Terese and the staff are well worth the almost 2 hour travel for me to look and feel my best!
  • I am very impressed by the cleanliness of this clinic and the professionalism of the staff. Meeting with Nurses Julie and Sarah was such an enjoyable experience. They are so cute and almost finish each other’s sentences. They both know their craft so well and made me feel so comfortable. I am excited to go back to see them again. Thanks so much, ladies!!
  • I’ve had several laser hair removal treatments from Terese and my experience has been amazing! She is very knowledgable and gives you a lot of information prior to the treatment which made me feel so comfortable. Not to mention all of the equipment is state of art and the appointments fly by hassle-free. The clinic space is also very beautiful and I love being greeted by Beth at the front desk every time I come in.

    I’m definitely a life-long client now!
  • I’ve been seeing Julie for years now . To say she is knowledgable is an understatement.
    For me I’m always anxious in regards to what needles or fillers are going in my face but with Julie I can literally walk in and ask her to do what she thinks professionally would be best and I walk out feeling like 1 million bucks. Thank you so much for boosting my confidence internally and physically.
    1000% recommend here !
  • I have been going to Rejuvaderm for the last six months for treatments. I highly recommend them. Terese has been such an amazing person for me. She has taken the time to provide me with treatment and recommend products that have changed my life!! As well they have been so amazing with accommodating my schedule and working around all the restrictions that covid-19 has brought about.

    If you have skin care needs, this is the place to be!
  • Highly recommend going to this place. All the staff were so friendly and accommodating. My laser tech Terese is super nice and very professional. I learned a lot of tips and tricks on skin care from her. I can now say that I am addicted to laser treatments and will for sure be back for more.
  • This clinic is by far my favourite! It is very clean and has a great atmosphere. Morgan did my chemical peel and was so knowledgeable. She had some great recommendations for skin! I will definitely be coming back!
  • such an incredible staff & location! everyone was extremely friendly and so knowledgable about any questions I had. will definitely be revisiting! EDIT!!! revisited and seen Dr. Wong for my lip injections & he was awesome! I’m always so nervous when I get any kind of filler done and he made me feel so at ease and I absolutely loved them! He explained every step of the procedure to me and my lips turned out better than I could have expected! The front desk staff is also so friendly! Can’t wait to come back!
  • I am not one to typically leave reviews but this place truly deserves it. The overall environment when you first walk in is just beautiful, clean, organized and to top it off the ladies at the front were friendly it was just nice to see. I will also mention that I was super nervous as this was my first time going in to ever get BOTOX and filler. But I have to say as soon as I was in the room Julie and Sarah both made me feel very comfortable they have such a great amount of knowledge on what they are doing. I told Julie what I was looking at and she was able to provide me with all the information and how it worked. There was absolutely no discomfort or pain to my surprise the full process was easy and enjoyable. I decided it was time to work on me for once and I am so happy Julie was able to help me achieve the look I wanted. I cannot wait to go back already!!
  • I came to Terese because I was struggling badly with consistent, painful acne and had tried absolutely everything to treat it. She was so kind, understanding, and immediately made me feel extremely comfortable. She explains everything thoroughly and you can tell she genuinely wants to help. I’ve now had two chemical peels with her and am scheduled for my third, and I kid you not when I say my skin is now FLAWLESS! My acne is completely gone, and I’m now just dealing with very minor scarring. I truly still can’t believe my eyes everyday when I look in the mirror - the results I’ve seen have been beyond my wildest dreams. I wish I had found Terese earlier, I trust her completely and will definitely be a long time client.

    If you’re looking for a skin miracle, look no further. I can’t recommend Rejuvaderm enough!
  • Such a beautiful space and wonderful staff. From the moment I walked in the door the staff welcomed me. Morgan was amazing and found the best treatment for me. We went over all of the steps to achieve my dream skin and I am very excited to start the process. I will definitely be coming back for other services. Thank you Rejuvaderm!
  • I had come in to see Dr.Wong for a few skin concerns, he was very knowledgeable and had suggested I see Morgan for a laser treatment. I can already see results after one session and couldn’t be happier. They also recommended a skin care routine which makes my skin feel great. Couldn’t be happier with my choice to visit RejuvaDERM.
  • I want to thank Morgan for being so amazing with my daughter. Morgan was very patient and not only provided several options for us to consider, but was very knowledgeable, being able to answer any and all of our questions. I believe we chose the best option and saw positive results after one treatment. Thank you Morgan and we look forward to seeing you and the staff again in a few weeks.
  • Awesome place! My consultation and treatment with Terese was great. She took the time to explain and answer my questions. The day of the treatment went prefect, she touched base we me multiple times to make sure everything was going good, or if i had any questions. Reception were very pleasant to deal with as well.
  • My experience with RejuvaDERM Edmonton, was exceptional. As a normally nervous person, Terese, the laser technician, and Dr. Eric Wong helped me to feel genuinely comfortable. I found the entire staff to be professional, personable, extremely qualified, and most importantly kind.
    The consultation with Terese was very informative, and made me feel very confident in my decision to have the fractional CO2 laser treatment. I am almost 3 weeks post procedure, and Terese is always very quick to answer any and all of my many questions. Highly recommend!
  • After multiple consultations around the city, I’m happy to say this is my skin care home base! My initial consultation with Morgan reassured years of my anxieties and ignorance of the skin care world. She is so very knowledgeable and truly takes pride in what she does, the whole experience made me confident in choosing the treatments recommended for me knowing how and why the work! I’ve started a few treatments and am loving the results, looking forward to many more to come. Thank you to all the lovely staff at Rejuvaderm for being part of my self care journey :)
  • Very beautiful space, very clean and you can tell they take pride in it. Was greeted by welcoming staff. I saw Michele for treatment of fine lines in my forehead and around my eyes. She was very knowledgeable and I felt zero pressure when going through my consultation. I did end up deciding to go through with treatment and she did a fabulous job. I was a little bit nervous because it was my first time getting any sort of injectables and she gave off a very calming vibe, always told me what she was about to do and continuously made sure I was feeling comfortable. I would 1000% recommend this clinic and nurse Michele to family and friends without hesitation!
  • I am super pleased with my experience with Rejuvaderm! Michelle has been wonderful. She has been patient and answered any questions I had as well as worked with my budget. The reception staff is very friendly and the clinic itself is gorgeous and inviting. I look forward to continuing my business with them.
  • Saw Terese today for a laser treatment and it was awesome especially after all this time. Her service was done quickly, professionally and she made me feel very comfortable throughout the service. Simply amazing will be back for more!!
  • This place is GORGEOUS! The most impressive clinic I’ve ever been to. And the staff are amazing. What a team!! You can tell that every one of them actually care about your experience there and not just trying to make sales and sell you unnecessary stuff. The receptionists are great and really go above and beyond to make your experience great, beginning to end. Shelby was so helpful. She answered many questions I had last minute and helped prepare me. Morgan did my consultation and my treatment on the same day, they are so accommodating! Can’t wait to see my results! Great customer service, great prices, amazing place to go!
  • All the staff were welcoming, even offered me water when I arrived. My consultation was with Christie. She was extremely knowledgeable and thorough explaining all possible treatment options for me. She suggested Dr Wong for my first treatment and I can’t emphasize how impressed I am with him. He did an amazing job. I can’t wait to come back.
  • I went to Rejuvaderm for a consultation with Terese for my daughter’s acne & to discuss my skin concerns. Terese listened to the problems my daughter has experienced and recommend starting with a skin care regime. The products are the first ones to ever work and within a few weeks she was having amazing results. She went to Terese last month for a chemical peel and also has a laser appointment booked mid February. Terese and her recommendations have definitely made a difference in my daughters skin.
    As for myself I had no idea what to expect and found Terese very knowledgeable and caring as she asked about my skin concerns. She took the time to describe the different procedures so I could make an informed decision as to which one would be best for me. I choose the CO2 and booked my appointment for the end of January. When I went for the procedure I was made comfortable and during the procedure Terese was wonderful explaining every step she was going to do and always making sure I was comfortable. Any questions I had I would ask and Terese would get back to me right away. She also helped me choose a new skincare regimen that is already doing wonders. I have recommended Terese to my coworkers and friends and would recommended anyone to go in for a consultation with her, you won’t regret it. I will definitely be going back myself.
  • This was a beautiful clinic and it was such welcoming experience. During my appointment with Dr. Wong, he did a great job of understanding what I was looking for & giving me amazing results. I finished the appointment with Christie - she was so knowledgeable with skincare and recommending products for my skin type. Overall amazing!
  • The centre is absolutely beautiful, the staff are all extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Christie did a great job at acknowledging my skin concerns and pointing me in the direction of services and products to address them. I am so happy with my experience and I will definitely be back!
  • By far my favourite clinic to go to! The staff are exceptional. You know you are in the right hands as soon as you walk through the door. Shelby was able to find such a great skincare routine for me and my skin has never been better. I also highly recommend seeing Michele for all of your injectable needs. She was so thorough in her consultation and made the experience so comfortable. Highly recommend RejuvaDERM!
  • Outstanding customer service and highly knowledgeable staff. Morgan was extremely friendly and welcoming. She was very professional and was able to answer all of my questions. You can tell the staff takes pride in what they do. The whole experience was very enjoyable. Would highly recommend!
  • If you are looking for Laser Services, see Terese at RejuvaDERM, she is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and professional, with a wonderful chair side manner. The facility is first in class, top of their profession in knowledge, skill, and cutting edge technology. I have been to other clinics over the years, and have not experienced anything like RejuvaDERM.

    In addition if you are looking for the most talented, educated, sweet injection team, The queen of Face (Julie and Sara) got you! I had seen several nurses/Dr.s regarding cheek filler I had done by reputable Dr., it never seemed right to me. Julie was able to assess the area, determine the issue and completely fix it! Please you guys do your homework, get a second opinion or just go see Julie, and do not go to Botox parties, this is your face, you have no idea what can go wrong, is the discount of a buck or 2 a unit worth it, not IMO.
  • If you are looking for Laser Services, see Terese at RejuvaDERM, she is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and professional, with a wonderful chair side manner. The facility is first in class, top of their profession in knowledge, skill, and cutting edge technology. I have been to other clinics over the years, and have not experienced anything like RejuvaDERM.

    In addition if you are looking for the most talented, educated, sweet injection team, The Queen of Face (Julie and Sara) got you! I had seen several nurses/Dr.s regarding cheek filler I had done by reputable Dr., it never seemed right to me. Julie was able to assess the area, determine the issue and completely fix it! Please do your homework, get a second opinion or just go see Julie, and do not go to Botox parties, this is your face, you have no idea what can go wrong, is the discount of a buck or 2 a unit worth it, not IMO.
  • Got my lips done by Julie and it was worth the 4 hour drive! She made me feel comfortable and worthy of spoiling myself. Her team is so sweet and Welcoming, the office is easy to get to, I cannot wait to see them again!
  • I have had nothing but great experiences at this clinic so far! The staff has always been very welcoming and friendly and open to all of my questions. I had a consultation with Christie who was thorough, not rushed, and was super approachable. I’ve had several different services here so far and everyone was really a great experience! Thanks for making something that can feel intimidating and scary so positive!!!