Soft Tissue Filler for Face & Body

Soft tissue filler is a less invasive alternative to plastic surgery. Soft tissue filler offers you a variety of outcomes, ranging from subtle enhancements, to dramatic definition. At RejuvaDERM, we offer tailored treatment plans by our advanced injectors to help you find the customized rejuvenation you desire. Enhancements can be done with soft tissue filler to lift and contour your cheekbones, restore volume loss, define areas of the face, contour the jawline, reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines, add symmetry to the face, improve the appearance of nasolabial folds, minimize the appearance of jowls and marionette lines, reduce hollowness or dark under eyes, rejuvenate the back of the hands and many more!

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Varies depending on the amount of filler used; typically 30-60 minutes.


Detailed instructions will be given by your skilled injector.


Filler lasts on average 6-12+ months, but may vary from person-to-person and depending on type of product used

Trust Your Skin to the Skin Care Experts

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Trust Your Skin to the Skin Care Experts