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Panel 1: Standard Panel

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Our Standard Panel is one of the most diverse panel options we have available. It can be used to create buttons or links, upload PDF’s and supporting documents or any other information you’d like to place here.

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The formatting options available here are also complex. We will upload all of the options so that it’s easy for you to use when you’re updating all of your own content. 

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Panel 2: Promo Boxes

About Us

About Us

A team of Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Aesthetic Nurses, and Skin Care specialists.
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The Clinics

The Clinics

We are located in Edmonton and Grande Prairie. Book your appointment now in one of our clinics!
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Effective treatments and world class techniques that create impactful results. Choose from our extensive list of treatments!
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Panel 3: Side by Side (Image)

Panel 3: Side by Side (Image)

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Here is an example of a Side by Side panel with an image on the right!

They are a great tool that can be used to guide the users attention.

You can place information here and also pair it with a relevant picture to display your information.

Panel 4: Side by Side (Video)

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Here is another example of a Side by Side but this time with a video on the left hand side! 

You can envision a similar concept as above, but this time you can place a relevant YouTube or Vimeo video here to help users understand the point you are making. 

Panel 5: Call to Action

A Call To Action Panel can be placed anywhere and has the ability to hold 2 buttons.