Rosacea is a chronic skin condition characterized by central facial redness (erythema), flushing, the appearance of blood vessels, and often acne-like bumps and pustules.  Many people I see on a daily basis, suffer from rosacea and this condition can be emotional debilitating affecting their own self confidence and appearance. The cause of rosacea is not fully known but what we do know is that this condition can be triggered or worsened by a variety of factors, including sunlight, foods (alcohol, spicy foods, hot drinks/foods), emotions, hormones, hot/cold weather, hot showers, vigorous exercise and much more! As well, there are many forms of rosacea-from acne-like rosacea to eye rosacea to rosacea causing disfiguring noses, foreheads, & chins.

Approaches to treat rosacea must be individualized based on the disease severity, lifestyle, triggers that worsen the condition, and the amount of time the patient has to commit to a treatment schedule.

Are you struggling with rosacea? At RejuvaDERM, we can help! We are a team of highly trained Dermatologists, surgeons, skin care specialists and laser technicians that have extensive knowledge in treating all types of rosacea. We are the specialists in this condition. We offer a variety of treatments for rosacea including topical creams to help with redness and the acne-like bumps, oral medications, medical-grade skincare, and laser therapies to reduce and eliminate the redness.

We understand that Rosacea can be frustrating to live with so our team of Dermatologists is committed to finding a treatment plan that will reduce the condition and improve your skin’s overall clarity.

What are my Treatment options?

A medical grade skincare routine

People with rosacea commonly have sensitive skin that can be easily irritated by ingredients in common household and namebrand products. These products can irritate and cause a burning or stinging sensation. RejuvaDERM carries medical grade skin care products specially selected and hand picked to help patients with rosacea treat their skin. From sunscreen to products that help reduce redness , we have many products for your condition. We also offer complimentary skincare consultations that we encourage you to have routinely. During these consultations, we can make adjustments and recommendations to ensure your skincare is suitable for your condition.

Laser therapy

Many patients are bothered by facial redness and dilated veins, which are all signs of rosacea. RejuvaDERM has the most effective laser for the treatment of redness, veins, vessels, and rosacea. Our lasers are the newest generation in the technology of Pulse Dye Lasers, which specifically target the blood vessels causing the redness and flushing in your condition. Our lasers are the gold standard for the treatment of this skin condition because of its superior clinical efficacy and low-risk profile. This laser emits a specified dose of energy ’selectively’ targeting the redness, blood vessels or veins essentially destroying them.

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