Rejuvaderm Tips: Winter Skin Care

Alberta’s dry and cold winters can be very harsh and leave your skin without the necessary moisture and protection to stay healthy. Winter is the most important time for you to be religious with your skincare routine. As a Dermatologist, I always advise my patients that the best treatment is prevention! Below are some of my skincare tips to ensure your skin stays healthy during this cold season.

  1. Keep a humidifier in your most used areas. Whether it be your living room, bedroom, or even your office – a humidifier is a simple way to ensure that the air surrounding your skin will have added moisture.
  2. Take luke warm showers. Cold showers are thought to have many health benefits – but taking a cold (or lukewarm) shower is less irritating to the skin. This is especially useful during the winter season when you might already be experiencing dry and/or irritated skin.
  3. Keep applying your daily sunscreen- even when there is less sun! Wearing your SPF during the winter is equally important to using sunscreen any other season. Sun rays actually reflect against snowbanks and puddles. Many forget to protect their skin during this time but small daily exposures are equally as damaging over time.
  4. Keep up with proper nutrition and hydration. Eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods and maintaining hydration levels ensures that your organs (including your skin) are operating at optimal levels.
  5. Alter your skincare routine. During the dry and cold winter months, our skin’s moisture barrier is often compromised. At RejuvaDERM we offer complimentary skincare consultations that we encourage you to have seasonally. During these consultations, we can make adjustments and recommendations to ensure your skincare is suitable for any season; recommendations such more routine use of ointments (as they lock in moisture better) can be added to your routine. Typically for winter, we also recommend cutting back on drying products like astringents and toners and adding a hydrating serum and thicker moisturizer.
  6. Treat yourself to facials. There is no better time to treat your skin to a medical-grade facial or hydrafacials than during Alberta’s cold dry winter. Come in for a complimentary consultation to find which treatment would benefit your skin the most.

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