The RjeuvaDERM Bela MD: A Hydrating and Rejuvenating Revolutionary Facial

What is the bela md?

The RejuvaDERM Bela MD is a medical facial that combines microdermabrasion, deep pore vacuuming with suction technologies, electroporation, and advanced serum infusions to target specific skin concerns. The Bela MD is fully customizable to treat acne and texture, hyperpigmentation and to enhance tone, brightness, and hydration of the skin.


Treatment with the Bela MD uses a patented diamond-tip for exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and lift congestion and impurities trapped within the skin barrier. The Bela MD combines advanced technologies and several treatment steps to provide ultimate flexibility in fully customizable treatments.

What happens at a bela md treatment?
  1. Skin cleansing: Skin is gently cleansed with vacuum suction and prepared for treatment.
  2. Exfoliation: Diamond-tip microdermabrasion is performed on dry skin, to gently exfoliate the skin and remove pollutants and debris.
  3. Serum infusion: Your technician will select a personalized serum infusion routine to target specific skin concerns such as acne, texture, tone/pigment, and provide hydration.
  4. Electromechanical stimulation: An electromechanical handpiece is gently massaged over the treatment area to provide a lifting effect and improve blood circulation.
  5. Hydrogenated water penetration: A specialized treatment tip and vortex technology are used to penetrate hydrogenated water deep into the skin providing antioxidants and hydration, reducing inflammation/skin cell damage which promotes anti-aging.
  6. Electroporation: An advanced technique that uses tiny electrical fields to increase absorption and uptake of serums into your cells.
  7. Final cleansing and hydration of the skin: This is a wonderful time to have a discussion with your technician during which they will review your home skincare routine and recommend products that will enhance and maintain your results.

Who is the bela md for?

The RejuvaDERM Bela MD is a treatment for everyone! It is safe and effective on all skin types and ages.


There are no contraindications for treatment with the Bela MD. Depending on your skin and beauty goals, your technician will customize a treatment regime unique to you!

Areas Treated with a Bela MD?

Most often, the Bela MD is used to address the entire face and neck, however the Bela MD can also be used for treatment of the décolleté, chest, and back. The back and chest are common areas of treatment especially for acne-prone skin.

Treatment time during a Bela MD Treatment

Typically, you can expect your visit to the clinic for a RejuvaDERM Bela MD treatment to last about an hour from start to finish. This may include photos, skin assessment, a discussion with your provider based on your beauty and treatment goals, and the treatment itself.

Treatment results

Bela MD has both instant and cumulative results for fresh and clearer looking skin. After a single treatment you may notice that your skin feels smoother, cleaner, and more hydrated. Clients often experience a refreshed appearance and natural glow.

Post treatment
  • No downtime!
  • Immediately after treatment it is normal to experience mild puffiness and redness. If you experience this, it will resolve within 24 hours.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for 1-2 days.
  • Avoid irritants such as retinol creams, glycolic/salicylic acids, or astringents for ~1 week.

Follow-up and Maintenance
  • To achieve optimal results, we always recommend a series of treatments.
  • We recommend 3-6 treatments spaced about 2-4 weeks apart. Your technician will work with you to create your custom treatment plan, review skin goals, and perfect a follow-up routine during your complimentary consultation!

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