Lip Enhancement

Soft tissue lip filler is an injectable treatment used to restore or add volume, enhance shape, correct asymmetry and/or accentuate the lip margin. We understand everyone has their own definition of beauty. Depending on your desired look, we will design a customized treatment plan for your desired results -  from subtle to voluminous. We have a team of Dermatologists and skilled Cosmetic Injectors who can all fulfill your every desire. A consultation is included in your treatment to determine the appropriate filler product for you, injection technique and the amount required to achieve your desired look. Consultations are always free at RejuvaDERM.


30 minutes


Icing is recommended for 24 hours after your injections to help reduce potential swelling or bruising but comprehensive aftercare instructions will be given to you in person.


Filler lasts on average 6-9 months, results but may vary from person-to-person