The RejuvaDERM Refresh

Have you ever thought about having any procedures done? Botox? Fillers? Did you ever wonder what each procedure does and which treatments improve, enhance or highlights your own natural features?

The ’RejuvaDERM Refresh’ Procedure is a cosmetic procedure that combines the benefits of Botox and the soft tissue filler to address signs of aging all at the same time. Due to many factors including genetics, the consequences of the sun and sun damage, and the effects of gravity we lose volume in specific areas of our faces, and wrinkles that used to leave are becoming more permanent.  As our skin ages, we lose collagen and hyaluronic acid which work to support and fill the layers of our skin. Environmental effects like the sun, smoking, stress, and pollution can also all speed up the process of aging. This combination of factors contributes to the ’three D’s’ of aging – Deterioration (with fine lines, wrinkles, texture change), Descent (drooping or sagging skin), and/or Deflation (loss of volume or fullness).

In short- Botox works to smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines and Soft tissue filler works to add volume to the face and restore facial balance.

The RejuvaDERM Refresh Procedure offers the combined benefits of these treatments with a single treatment session. These procedures amplify the effects of the other, resulting in an improved result than each treatment alone. Generally, Botox is repeated 3-6 times per year, while soft tissue filler may last up to 9-12+ months before requiring a touch-up (results vary between person). Results from the procedure can be seen immediately but peak results are seen around the 2-week mark after the swelling settles and the filler integrates into the skin. The goal of this cosmetic treatment is to combine the benefits of both treatments to restore a natural and youthful appearance. Expect a refreshed balanced look that is subtle and natural-looking with smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, restored fullness, and enhanced facial contours.

Rest assured you are in safe hands; all of our injectors have travelled across Canada (including Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto) and the world for continued training to enhance their techniques.

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