RejuvaDERM Mole Removal

Moles are common, non-cancerous growths that can occur anywhere on the body. When occurring on the face, it can affect ones’ self confidence. Certain types of cosmetically bothersome moles can be safely and effectively removed. At RejuvaDERM, we treat and remove moles. 

WHY chose rejuvaderm for cosmetic mole removal?

Before removal of your spot, our Dermatologists and Skin Experts at RejuvaDERM first ensure that the lesion of concern is not dangerous or cancerous. This allows for safe removal of your mole.

how is cosmetic mole removal done?

RejuvaDERM uses many different techniques depending on many factors including the size of your mole, the color of your mole, the area the mole is located and many other factors. Moles can be removed a number of ways depending many factors including color, location, depth. Sometimes a laser is used, known as a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, which is the gold standard across Canada in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa, to assist in removing certain types of moles. This laser removes the surface of the mole to leave it flush with the skin surface, sort of like sandpaper. The treated area heals quickly.

How Is Laser Mole Removal Performed?

If your mole is deemed appropriate for the RejuvaDERM mole procedure, your physician uses a CO2 laser to remove certain moles. This laser ablates the surface of the mole to leave it flush with the skin surface. The treated area heals quickly.

Why Would I Choose Laser Mole Removal?

The main advantage of laser mole removal is to help with cosmetic outcome.

Is Mole removal Safe?

Your safety at RejuvaDERM is our primary concern and all moles are examined prior to removal to ensure first and foremost that the mole is not worrisome and that the spot is actually a mole and not a skin cancer (these spots would require medical treatment). At RejuvaDERM, our physicians are highly skilled to differentiate cancerous skin spots from non-dangerous ones. Once it is confirmed to be a harmless mole, one of our physicians, Dermatologists and Skin Experts will review with you your mole removal treatment plan.

What is The Cost of Mole Removal?

Since mole removal is done for purely cosmetic reasons, it is not covered by Alberta Health. The cost depends upon the size and the number of moles removed. Call or text both locations for a FREE consultation to discuss how we can help you with your moles!

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