Lip Enhancement

Lip filler enhancement has quickly become one of the most popular and widely accepted cosmetic treatment performed around the world. Originally made popular by celebrities and public figures (see Kim K), this treatment has now become so common that you probably know someone who has lip enhancement performed (whether they have told you or not is a different story). Lip filler enhancement is performed in all age groups for a variety of reasons, including to subtly enhance the lips, to provide lost volume to the lips, to accentuate the lip margin, to make lips fuller, to correct asymmetrical lips, and for many, many other reasons. 

Why should I visit RejuvaDERM for my lip enhancement?

Although this treatment has become incredibly popular, this does not always mean the procedure is performed incredibly safely and with the desired results. At RejuvaDERM, all of our Nurses and Doctors have extensive knowledge in the anatomy of the entire face and have extensive experience in treating lips and have done extra training in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa and across the World..

What is a Mini-Lip Fill?

Mini-Lip Fill refers to using a small volume of soft tissue filler to subtle enhance the lips.

What is a Full Lip Fill?

A Full-Lip Fill generally refers to using an entire syringe of filler. Filler can be placed in many areas of the lip depending on what your desired goals are, from being placed around the lip margin to enhance the outline of the lips, cupids bow, philtral columns, or precisely placed into the body of the lips to add fullness. At RejuvaDERM, we do NOT use a ’cookie cutter’ technique. We understand that each persons’ goals and desires are different and all our providers at RejuvaDERM have the skill to fill your every wish and desire! Depending on your goals for your lips, one or a few syringes may be required but this may be gradual as for safety reasons, typically one (1) syringe is the maximum amount used per session. 

How Long Before I See Results? How Long Does it Last?

The results are immediate. Filler in the lip lasts on average 6-12 months.

How Painful is the Procedure?

Most patients tolerate the procedure well. To minimize discomfort, our providers at RejuvaDERM use a topical compound specially made for our clients to numb your lips. As well, our filler contains lidocaine, a numbing agent as the filler is injected. Our medical team commonly uses ice, vibrational tools, and/or dental freezing nerve blocks to make the procedure more comfortable for you.

What Side-Effects are Possible?

Overall, it is very well tolerated. The most common side-effects include swelling and bruising which can last for a few days, rarely up to a week. Our providers at RejuvaDERM, more importantly, have extensive knowledge in complications of lip filler that allows them to deal with issues that cannot be always foreseen. RejuvaDERM always houses hyaluronidase, a product used to break down filler in case any complications were to occur. We want to ensure that you not only get the best possible results but we want you to feel confident in our providers at RejuvaDERM to have the safest and comfortable treatment.

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