About our RejuvaDERM Dermatologists

The popularity of injectables and skin related treatments has grown exponentially in the last decade. People, men and women are realizing the impact that small "tweakments" can have on their appearance and self-confidence. This has been enhanced by the pandemic as COVID-19 has forced many people to look at themselves over and over again through virtual meetings. Even whe in person, masks are commonly worn and the upper face, around the eyes, is where people typically focus on. However, with the increase in demand comes an increase in the number of service providers for you to choose from. ’But how do I know who to trust with my skin??’-this is one of the most common questions we get a RejuvaDERM. 

Our providers at RejuvaDERM are hand selected based on their training, clinical experience and outcome of results. Our RejuvaDERM team of Dermatologists, physicians, nurses, and skilled technicians are all highly skilled in their field. They have all trained in various cities across Canada including Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.

Our Dermatologists are truly the only skin experts with advanced knowledge and experience regarding your skin.  Each of our Dermatologists have each completed an intense five (5)-year residency (specializing in ONLY Dermatology), after 4 years of medical school, where they focused solely on the skin, its conditions, and cosmetic treatments. This training is unparalleled by no other.  

Our RejuvaDERM Dermatologists treat skin every single day. Our Dermatologists are trained to specifically treat your skin, any of its concerns and provide various treatment options specifically designed for your skin and skin type.

This expertise translates to a lot for you as a patient. As leading professionals in the field, your safety and comfort are always prioritized at RejuvaDERM. The advanced education and training, Dermatologists receive ensures that your treatment will be performed in the safest manner with the best possible outcomes. In addition to safety, this also translates to world-class results. Our team at RejuvaDERM dedicates themselves to being at the forefront of education, research, and innovation in Cosmetic Dermatology and skincare. 

Simply put: ALL Dermatologists are skin experts, but not all skin experts are Dermatologists. Visit us at RejuvaDERM and trust your skin to our team of Dermatologists.